In 2008 Prairie Halal Foods, a Canadian company that specializes in the exporting of premium Canadian halal meat products established its Middle East branch in Dubai. Prairie Halal Foods rapidly established itself as a leading company in the supply of premium Canadian meat products. As the demand for Canadian products continued to grow, Simply Gourmet Foodstuff Trading was formed to enable us to provide our customers from reputable hotels and restaurants with a greater range of products and most importantly to provide a greater service to our customers. Our Promise to you as our customer is top quality and service in all we have to offer. We hope to inspire and assist you in discovering all that our products have to offer.

What We Offer

As food lovers, ourselves, we are delighted and very proud to offer you our premium brands of Canadian beef, veal and lamb products directly from the pristine farmlands of Canada. In addition, we also have a wide range of Australian and American beef products as well as local chicken. Visit our product and brand pages for more information.


Halal Certification

All our products adhere to a strict Halal procedure. Our Halal requirements are not only limited to the materials and ingredients used, but also include all aspects of preparation, processing, packaging, distribution and all related processes. We understand that with Halal food, cleanliness and hygiene are very closely related to food safety.