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Our selection of Australian meat products are tailored to many different customers. these products are known for being safe, natural and wholesome. Within our selection of Wagyu and Grass-Fed Beef as well as Lamb, there is sure to be a product that suits your needs. 

Australian Wagyu

Unlike many other Wagyu products in this industry, our premium Australian Wagyu products contain no hormones or GMOs. With high concentration of oleates, this product is a beneficial component to a balanced and healthy diet. Fed on natural feeds, the cattle which these products are sourced from contain a high level of unsaturated fats resulting in a uniquely nutty flavor and luxurious tenderness that makes the meat melt in your mouth.

Australian Grass Fed Beef 

Grass Fed beef is a highly nutritious product that containing a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants. Cattle is naturally raised by allowing them to graze on open pastures. This results in a wholesome taste and leaner meat products. 

Australian Lamb

The abundance of green pastureland in Southern Australia provides prime conditions to raise quality lamb. Grazing in a natural environment allows for Australia to produce consistently high quality lamb, with a fresh flavor and juicy tenderness you will not be able to resist.

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