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We are delighted and very proud to be the only company to offer you premium Canadian Brands in the UAE. We strongly believe that Canada is the world's most ideal location to produce these products. Each product has its own unique characteristics that ensure a distinctive and pleasant dining experience.

Heritage Angus Beef


Sourced directly from the Canadian Prairies, Heritage Angus beef is based upon the foundation of family pride, old fashion farming and environmental stewardship. The succulent taste and impeccable tenderness of this beef is a result of how the animal is raised and fed with the health of both the land and animals in mind. The pure-bred Angus cattle creates distinctive marbling contributing to the improved texture of the meat. Third party auditing throughout production to monitor quality guarantees that our customers will receive the highest quality wholesome angus beef that will keep you coming back for more.

SunGold Lamb


For almost 45 years, Canadians have trusted SunGold Specialty Meats to be their source of world class quality lamb. With their herds being raised in fresh climates and near pristine water sources in Western Canada, the livestock is able to maintain healthy growth. All lambs are of premium quality and grain finished for a minimum of 45 days to ensure a mild taste, superior meat to bone ratio and enjoyable dining experience.

Ontario Corn Fed Beef


The feed of cattle plays a significant role in the flavor of beef. With the Canadian province of Ontario is the largest producer of corn in Canada, the cattle in this program consume a high percentage of corn in their diet. As a result of a corn-fed diet this range of beef displays superior marbling, making for outstandingly tender products. It takes time and effort to achieve this degree of tenderness, juiciness and rich flavor. We assure you as our customer that you will appreciate the results of a program which displays the utmost effort to ensure that you receive a consistently high quality product.

Ecolait Veal

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As the preferred meat of reputable chefs and restaurants, we are proud to offer the highest quality milk-fed veal available in the UAE. Our veal product’s color, taste and texture is unparalleled due to the advanced veal production system developed in Canadian province of Quebec. Calves are fed strictly on a milk based diet and are never fed solids. Attention to detail, animal welfare and food safety are what differentiates our milk-fed veal products to any others, providing you with a unique delicate taste and exceptional tenderness that make our veal products truly unique.

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