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Nikolopoulos Estate Olive Oil


Passion, love and dedication are Nikolopoulos Estate Co’s principles, ensuring that they produce only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, using modern olive oil production methods. Their goal is to become synonymous of the highest quality and prime flavor. Due to this, nothing is left to luck. From the beginning of each cultivating season to the label design and bottling procedure they implement high quality standards to ensure maximum quality.

Epiros Cheese


Epiros Feta is the traditional, authentic, Greek feta cheese that is produced under strict hygiene conditions with very high specifications. The milk for feta comes mostly from animals in the region of Epiros that is renowned for its purity, clean environment and huge variety of grasses and herbs. Epiros Feta is rich in nutritional ingredients and is distinguished by its characteristic flavor. White and aromatic, it can be eaten on its own with a piece of bread and a drizzle of olive-oil, used in a Greek salad, cooked in a variety of recipes or simply accompany several dishes.

Achaiki Pita Breads

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Since 1981, Achaiki Pita has been producing handmade pita for gyro daily. Based in Patras, today is one of the strongest Greek pita production plants in Southern Greece. Their goal remains the absolute satisfaction of their customers in terms of quality, combination of materials, sizes and innovating recipes. In 2016 their new industrial site made them confident in their new pita bread entries, handmade properties, traditional methods and pure taste. Achaiki Pita breads are a true taste of Greek tradition.​

We are very excited to offer a range of exclusive Greek products that will add luxurious flavour to any meal. These products are authentic and traditional, sourced from passionate Greek suppliers. 

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